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A Collection of Happy

Rough patches.

You know: a landslide of discouraging events that just bring you down and it all seems to happen at once. Illness, injury, frustration, stress, exhaustion… I doubt that few people are immune to rough patches.

Mine has been building for the past couple of weeks and today I realized that I just need to hunker down and focus on some happy. Despite the knocks, I’ve witnessed some really amazing things recently. So, what’s more therapeutic than pulling them together into a collection of happy!

Stress Relief

I came across two fantastic articles that directly help reduce stress. The secret? Look at something beautiful and smile every day…

11 Surprising Reasons You Should Smile Every Day: Improve your mood, boost your productivity… plus they’re contagious!

Stress Tip: Look at Something Beautiful: Visit a museum, walk through a garden… peruse Pinterest for 20 minutes!

Heartwarming Charity

Boy Raises 1+ Million for School
13-Year-Old Vidal Raises $1 Million for His Brooklyn School


There is nothing more inspiring than hearing stories of incredible charitable activities that have a tremendous impact. These two make my heart sing…

A 13-Year Old Raises Over $1 Million for His School: To clarify, it was the words of a 13-year old when he told a photographer for Humans of New York that his Brooklyn principal said “each time somebody fails out of school, a new jail cell gets built. … she made every student stand up, one at a time, and she told each one of us that we matter.” Fast-forward to an Indiegogo campaign and a windfall for the struggling inner-city school… “enough to send the young scholars to Harvard every year for 10 years.”

Former Janitor Dies, Leaves Behind $6 Million in Surprise Donations: It was a brief blip in fundraising news, but a former janitor and gas station attendant who held together his jacket with safety pins and was often seen foraging firewood, left over $6 million to a local library and hospital. What is more selfless that that?!?

Free Hugs & Compliments

Free Hugs
Free Hugs!

I love social experiments and these two are just amazing. Free hugs on a city street and unexpected compliments…

I Trust You, Do You Trust Me? Free Hugs. Bear hugs, manly hugs, group hugs… watch for the twirling hug with the little girl at about 4:05! Love it!

Street Compliments: Give a compliment, get a compliment. Amazing how so many people will admit to “I’ve never told you this before but…” Given the right circumstances, love and admiration shine through.


Hysterical Laughing Chicken
Hysterical Laughing Chicken

Nothing elevates the spirit more than laughter. Two things crossed my path this week… the silly and the contagious!

Nadeen at the Burger Castle: You may have seen the 40th Anniversary of Saturday Night Live  recently and we perused some of the greatest catchphrases of the past 40 years. But there was one that we just can’t stop repeating; #SimmaDanNa… Nadeen from the Burger Castle!

Laughing Chicken: This chicken starts off with a cackle but erupts into a silly laughter that is truly contagious.

Geeking Out

Expedition 45 Crew Poster
Expedition 45 Crew Poster

There were lots of awesome geeky things that you might have missed recently. These juicy tidbits are sure to bring anyone out of a slump!

George Mason University Band Plays Rage Against the Machine: A classic! You will love the energy of the girl in the red t-shirt and that is one rockin’ band conductor. A true jam with true heart.

International Space Station Expedition Astronauts Dress Like Jedis: The next team of astronauts for the International Space Station chose to promote their expedition dressed like Jedis! “The Science Continues…”

The Largest Heart Shaped Pizza Ever: Yes, it’s February and love was in the air this month. Who knew it could be reflected in the largest pizza ever!

I hope some of these happy articles help your slumps… Live long and prosper, friends!