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Halloween 2013

“Be Thankful” … The Beginning

Since having recently published that November is Be Thankful Month, thoughts of what to feature on the first day have been rolling around in my mind. I could have started with the something I love the most, such as my family… but that seems almost predictable and not necessarily tremendously reflective. I could be thankful for my health, my home, or, with so many other families struggling with unemployment, my wonderful job. Certainly I am deeply grateful for all if these things and much, much more… But what is unique to today? What moment strikes me as being different than any other ordinary day?

Last night was Halloween. A day of silliness, costumes, smiling pumpkins, and crazy music like The Monster Mash.  A couple of our colleagues surprised us with homemade pumpkin bars and candy corn at the office. I donned an orange clown wig and shiny beaded necklaces. Our dog was “Sharkbait.” Kids in all sorts of creative costumes came to visit and we treated them with chocolate bars and Swedish fish. We watched a scary movie in the dark and munched on snacks.

Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013

Before I turned in for the night, I quickly checked the social networks, and what further delights I saw! Posts included incredible activities with families and friends in festive neighborhoods. I saw the cutest ghosts, goblins, angels, princesses, witches, and superheroes ever.

One friend shared this super fun workplace celebration:


Another posted descriptions of her evening visitors:

And finally, an amazing neighborhood group shot:

Within a matter of 15 minutes, I was able to get a glimpse of activities from around the country… Updates that would take hours, if not days, to track down and share in any meaningful way with each person.

As I reflected on the amazing technology that allowed for this momentary inspiration, I realized how thankful I am for these platforms that allow us to share incredible moments in a matter of seconds.  Today, I am thankful for digital media and for all the truly fantastic and creative people that I am proud to know.