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Best Tuesday Ever

The fact that it’s Giving Tuesday is reason enough to celebrate. But this year, Giving Tuesday falls on my birthday: December 1. It’s the best Tuesday ever!

Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday is a way to give back to our communities whether local or global. Through the selfless act of giving, we can display the true spirit of the holidays. There are many invaluable ways to participate…

Give Money.

The most obvious is making a monetary donation. If you’re not sure which organization to give to, think of a cause that really resonates with you. Children and family services? Animal welfare? Hunger relief? Environmental conservation? Education, the arts, health, or civil rights? Once you have an idea of the general category, use a resource like Charity Navigator or Guidestar to search for your perfect match. And remember, even a spare change can make a big impact!

Give Time.

If you have time on your hands, consider giving back by volunteering. Admittedly, you might have a hard time finding a place to volunteer on Tuesday. Perhaps use this day to find an upcoming opportunity. VolunteerMatch will have some great leads. Alternatively, check the website of your favorite organization!

Give Voice.

Advocate for your charity! Spreading the word about the activities of an organization is invaluable. Hop on twitter, instagram, or facebook using the #GivingTuesday hashtag.

Check the Giving Tuesday website for details on holiday giving and great news of inspiring activities from other organizations.

Change the World on Giving Tuesday
Change the World on Giving Tuesday