Path of Posies

I was recently wandering through a gift shop and stumbled on a cute little greeting card that had the most wonderful saying: May your path be lined with flowers. A few days…

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Put on the Brakes

When my daughter was born, my heart nearly exploded with a love so deep, it's practically impossible to verbalize. When she was three months old, I handed her off to…

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Tweetup Revival

It's hard to imagine that the phrase "old-school" would apply to something that was popular just a few years ago. I imagine old-school as plaid bell-bottoms, ditto machines, the Brady…

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Give Yourself a Gold Star
You Deserve a Gold Star!

Give Yourself a Gold Star

I tend to be a joy-seeker. I like to read inspiring stories. I write about fun stuff. I enjoy inspiring quotes. Over the holidays I received two of the most…

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