Falls Lake Escape
Falls Lake Escape

Falls Lake Escape

This year, it took a long time for spring to finally, well... spring. We had weeks of drastic temperatures and a few late frosts that killed many beautiful garden plants. But…

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Spring Has Sprung

The day before Easter, I took the dog for a walk. It was a mild day and the balmy temperatures were such a relief after the wild ride of surprise…

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Crispy Green Snacky Goodness

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I recently made the most tremendous snack discovery - it quite literally shook my entire snack belief system: pairing a somewhat obscure vegetable into a scrumptious, highly nutritious snack!? Yes,…

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Herbs of My Heart

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I love to have a dish spiced up with a few leaves of fresh herbs. Chopping up some bright green basil to add to mozzarella, olive oil and tomatoes is…

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Oh, City by the Bay!

Winding down my "What's your passion?" feature this month, I thought I'd post about a fabulous vacation we took recently to the magical city of San Francisco... City by the…

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Reaction to #Snowpocalypse


This week something unusual happened here in Raleigh, NC: a full-blown snowstorm. Normally in our region, we get a bit of snow and ice, schools will close, businesses will be…

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Dream Destinations

It's February!  The start of this month marks my focus on discovering personal passion, hopes, dreams, yearnings and aspirations. As I mentioned in my last post, our family has been…

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What’s your passion?

It's almost February and typically we are thinking about Valentine's Day: showing affection and showering those we love with cards, gifts or chocolate.  But I want to address a different…

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