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The Insider's Guide Travels Through Philly

Join CharityJen as she travels through some of the most iconic sights in Philadelphia with her book, “The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics.” Along the way, she explains who should get the book, why you need the book, and what you will learn.

The Insider’s Guide bounces with Jen from the Delaware River to the Schuylkill, weaving through the city at fascinating points in between. Test your knowledge of nation’s “First World Heritage City” by identifying the locations on the map and matching them to the sights below!

Insider's Guide Bouncing Book Video Map Locations - CharityJen

The Insider’s Guide helps nonprofit organizations implement successful online revenue and engagement strategies through creative campaigns. In addition to providing over 20 ideas and tactics for new initiatives, the book provides strategies for acquiring new donors, retaining existing supporters, and understanding the growth funnel. It outlines how to start an ambassador’s program, the importance of segmentation, the metrics needed to evaluate efforts, and much more.

Follow the bouncing book and enjoy learning more about these iconic Philly sights below. Many of them are among the most essential things to do on a first visit to Philly.

Watch the 3-minute Insider’s Guide video here for a special offer (or scroll down). Stick around to the very end for a special windblown outtake.

Happy reading… and happy travels!

"Follow the Bouncing Book" Locations

Washington Square Park

Bouncing Book at Washington Square Philadelphia with CharityJenThe square was first used as a burial ground for paupers, then Revolutionary War troops. Following that, victims of the yellow fever. In 1954, a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and monument was built in this lovely 6.4 acre park.

Independence Mall and National Park

Bouncing Book at Independence Mall Philadelphia with CharityJenKnown as America’s most historic mile. Both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed here. You can see the Liberty Bell , Ben Franklin’s Grave, and enjoy awesome cheese curds the Independence Beer Garden.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Bouncing Book at Philadelphia Museum of Art with CharityJenHome of the famous Rocky Steps (72 in all) and the Rocky Statue (no longer at the top, now off to side). It was established in 1876 for the Centennial Expo and has 240,000 objects on display.

Broad & Lombard Street Mural

Bouncing Book at Theatre of Life Mural Philadelphia with CharityJenOne of Philly’s over 4,000 murals, the “Theatre of Life” by Meg Saligman and Juan Dimida explores the many facets of our character. Besides the 400 gallons of paint, it also has 10,000 glass pieces and 5,000 marbles.

Ben Franklin Bridge

Bouncing Book at Ben Franklin Bridge Philadelphia with CharityJenThe gorgeous 95-year-old suspension bridge connects Philly to Camden, NJ. You can drive it, walk it, or ride the rail. At night, enjoy the colorful lightshow that spans the length of the bridge.

Water Works

Bouncing Book at Water Works Philadelphia with CharityJenConstructed in 1812 with a stunning Classic Revival design along the Schuylkill River. It began as the engine room for the water department and once had an indoor swimming pool. It is now a restaurant and lounge.


Bouncing Book at WHYY Philadelphia with CharityJenWHYY is the PBS and NPR station serving the Greater Delaware Valley. It was established in 1954 and produces Fresh Air with Terry Gross and Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, as well as many original programs.


Bouncing Book at LOVE Park Philadelphia with CharityJenOfficially the JFK Plaza featuring the famous LOVE sculpture. In the winter, it features Christmas Village. In the summer, a fountain for the kids to play along with pop-up beer gardens, events and music.

City Hall on Broad St

Bouncing Book at City Hall Philadelphia with CharityJenCity Hall is the largest municipal building in the country and topped with a 548-foot statue of William Penn. It took 30 years to build and was completed in 1901. Over the holidays, there is a dazzling light show on the façade at Dilworth Park.

30th Street Station

Bouncing Book at 30th Street Station Philadelphia with CharityJenThe third busiest Amtrak train station. It opened in 1933 with an art-deco waiting area that spans the length of 2 football fields and 95-foot tall ceilings. It is considered one of the last remaining grand stations in the U.S.