Care Package Giveaway

Thank you for participating in the "Frazzled Fundraisers" Giveaway!

With an avalanche of issues to sift through following the COVID-19 outbreak, fundraisers could not catch a break in 2020 . Events were cancelled, budgets slashed, and carefully laid plans were upended. You could see it in our faces and hear it in our voices. Nonprofit professionals across the country were completely frazzled. 

It was the time to support one another. To give each other a boost, a break… to encourage a bit of self-care. And what better way to do that than with a care package! 

From mid-November leading up to the end of 2020, nonprofit professionals had a chance to win a weekly care package from me, CharityJen. Each one featured a unique theme with thoughtful, humorous, and uplifting trinkets aimed to bring a little light and joy during a relentless and stressful time of year. As a bonus, every box included a personalized, signed copy of my book, “The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics.” And… ONE MILLION DOLLARS! (Symbolically, of course). Plus a few chocolate truffles for good measure!

One Million Dollars from CharityJenYou are one in a million!
(A paper bill was in every box)

Not only that, everyone who entered received access to the CharityJen Digital Gift Basket packed with delightful online goodies and special features!

While the giveaway has ended, there are still many ways to connect and support one another as we head into 2021. Join us at an upcoming event or sign up for CharityJen’s email to be notified of future activities.

Thanks to everyone who participated! The winners are announced below.

Details and Winners of the Care Packages

Stir-Crazy, Box #1

Deck of UNO cards, crossword book, Left-Center-Right dice game, brick of gold (excavate a gem)
Congrats to our winner, Ashleigh in NC!

With Love from Philly, Box #2

LOVE pencils, pencil sharpener, keychain, set of 3 LOVE Philadelphia blank greeting cards
Congrats to our winner, Chelsea in KY!

Day-Drinker, Box #3

Frazzled Fundraisers Daydrinkers Care PackageEmoji coasters, travel shot glass set, peanuts, cocktail umbrellas, Bloody Mary and bourbon mixers
Congrats to our winner, Helen in NY!

Bloom with Bob, Box #4

Bob Ross ChiaPet, Bob Ross mini-puzzle, water-color set and a blank canvas
Congrats to our winner, Cathy in NC!

Reader's Corner, Box #5

“Such a Fun Age” – “The Vanishing Half” – mini-book light, earplugs, fall harvest candle, tea and honey bear
Congrats to our winner, Jennifer in NC!

Time to Recharge, Box #6

Alarm clock, 2021 planning calendar, mini-celebration kit, pack of AA batteries
Congrats to our winner, Tawana in NC!