Care Package Giveaway

The Frazzled Fundraiser’s Care Package Giveaway

Back in 2020, nonprofit professionals were stressed out. It felt like the world was spinning out of control. With the COVID outbreak, events were cancelled, budgets slashed, and carefully laid plans were upended all while trying to navigate life and work from home. As such, I launched the Frazzled Fundraiser’s Care Package Giveaway to help relieve a little bit of the tension.

In 2022, we still had significant issues to navigate. Many of us were dealing with high turnover, declines in annual giving, and frustrations with social media algorithms. Plus, planning for year-end campaigns is always a scramble.

Thus, the care package giveaway was launched for another round! I’d offered three boxes: Wanderlust, Cozy Corner and Celebration. Each was filled with a selection of delightful trinkets, amusing items, and comes with a signed copy of my book, The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics, along with a “Grand Champion” award ribbon.

Not only that, everyone who entered received access to the CharityJen Digital Gift Basket packed with entertaining online goodies and special features.

Here’s how it worked:

Participants had to enter each week to be considered for that week’s drawing. It allowed them to choose which box was most appealing. They could enter for one or all of them! The schedule was posted to this page.

Updates of the giveaways were featured in the CharityJen e-newsletter and on social channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Mastodon. Winners were notified by email.

More giveaways will be launched in the near future. Stay tuned!

Details and Winners of the Care Packages

Wanderlust Box #1

CharityJen Frazzled Fundraiser Giveaway Box number one - Wanderlust contents displayed on a white platform - coin purse, magnets, stress ball, candle, travel bottle set, The Insider's Guide book by Jen NewmeyerCamera change purse, six glass adventure magnets, travel bottle set, galaxy designed stress ball. “Emerald Coast” scented wax candle (pineapple, lemon, citrus)
Congrats to our winner, Daniele from NC!

Cozy Corner Box #2

CharityJen Frazzled Fundraiser Giveaway Box number two - Cozy Corner contents displayed on a white platform - embroidery kit, journals, scented sachets, candle, and The Insider's Guide book by Jen NewmeyerMini cross-stitch embroidery kit, set of notebooks with pencils & erasers, scented sachet set, “Sun Glow” scented candle (bergamot, tobacco flower, warm amber)
Congrats to our winner, Utica from NC!

Celebration Box #3

CharityJen Frazzled Fundraiser Giveaway Box number three - Celebration contents displayed on a white platform - liquid activated blinking glass, cheers napkins, party horns, beads, candle and The Insider's Guide book by Jen NewmeyerLiquid-activated multi-colored blinking glass, set of 3 bead necklaces, 12 party blow horns, pack of “cheers” paper napkins, evergreen and clove wax candle
Winner: Anonymous

Entry Schedule and Details

Box #1: Opens 12/4. Winner selected 12/11
Box #2: Opens 12/11. Winner selected 12/18
Box #3: Opens 12/18. Winner selected 12/28

Winners were notified by email and posted on this webpage.

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