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Found Things

Challenges of “Be Thankful” Month

And so it is day 4 of November’s “Be Thankful” month. For me, the first few days of being thankful were easy because, not only did we have Halloween the night before, we stole away for a weekend mini-vacation to Carolina Beach!

Day 1: I was thankful for the digital media that allowed me to connect with my friends from around the country to experience a snippet of their incredible Halloween holiday. I was so inspired and touched, I wrote about it: “Be Thankful”: The Beginning.

Day 2, I was thankful for family mini-vacations, of course. Day 3, I was thankful for the beach and flying kites!  Those were a no brainer!

Being Thankful: Beach Days and Flying Kites
Being Thankful: Beach Days and Flying Kites

Day 4 was a bit different. We came back from our trip. How exactly to find things to be grateful for when scrambling to pack, corralling the kids and racing home on the last day of a wonderful trip? And I ran out of gas on the way home to boot! Me… with two young girls in the car (hubby traveled in the other car with the rest of the adults)… struggling to figure out the safety valves on a newly purchased gas can while aggravated drivers, having been inconvenienced by the bumper of my stalled car slightly blocking their lane, shouted some not very nice things while whizzing by.

So. Deep breath.

Here is what I’m thankful for today…

Found things: This gorgeous shell called to me when we took our final beach walk early this morning before the crazy took over.  And we discovered a super fun wooden vaudeville cutout!

Found Things
Found Things

Learned things: Now I know all about the safety caps and valves on a gas can! And I am so deeply grateful for the gal at the Hess station that just happened to be familiar with the new fangled things.

Peaceful things: We are home and, although not completely unpacked, our pets are so very happy that we are here: lounging by our feet and snoozing on the pillows. The house is warm and quiet, fall-scented candles fill the air, and soft spa music floats throughout the house.

Day four? A doozie.  But still… without a doubt, plenty of things for which to be thankful.

November is “Be Thankful” Month… Join me for 30 days of thankful!