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Fundraising struggles? Campaign questions? Donor acquisition and retention getting you down? Meet with CharityJen and other nonprofit professionals at a CharityChat networking event!

CharityChats are small group meetings held virtually via Zoom and designed exclusively for nonprofit professionals. From working to overcome strategic hurdles to improving fundraising activities, CharityChats aim to help attendees solve these problems and more.

What types of topics do we cover? Check out some of our past conversations:

  • We talked Doug, a one-man fundraising show, about tactics he could use to raise money for hiring additional staff. See the details at 70 Hours a Week
  • A larger group discussed topics such as direct mail acquisition, database challenges and grants. Check out A Staff of One.
  • Several fundraisers presented their success during the pandemic. This event was recorded! View Fundraising During a Pandemic.
  • We also talked about return-to-office plans, the pros and cons of the CFRE, and celebrating our nonprofit successes.

Networking with peers is crucial to professional development. It’s the perfect way to learn from each other, pick up new skills, and ignite new ideas. Networking offers opportunities for community collaboration. Plus, sometimes it’s helpful to blow off some steam and commiserate with folks who understand our daily challenges.

We hope to see you at the next CharityChat!

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