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Girl Scout Cookie Drop

Cookies for Troops

As you may have noticed, there are lots of ways to support our troops overseas. Some of my favorite ones include sending a letter through A Million Thanks, sending care packages through Operation Gratitude, event sending guitars through Guitars for Troops! Incredible efforts like Soldiers’ Angels allow people to participate in projects to supply handmade blankets, laptops, canes, and homemade treats.

My daughter is a Girl Scout and every year we become deeply involved in “cookie season”: the 3 months out of the year when Girl Scout cookies are available and girls everywhere (and their moms) go beserk selling cookies to benefit their troop.

Even though we become engrossed in door-to-door sales and managing cookie tables outside stores, there is one aspect of cookies sales that I just love: Operation Cookie Drop.

Operation Cookie Drop, also known as OCD (which is about how I feel during cookie season…), is a program where folks can purchase boxes of cookies for our troops overseas. In our region, all cookies are shipped out from Fort Bragg.

One of my favorite moments during cookie sale season happened 2 years ago. While selling cookies in our neighborhood, one fellow wasn’t keen on buying. My daughter explained Operation Cookie Drop and his eyes lit up. His son in Afganistan had received cookies a few years prior. He said it was such a boost for their troop and lifted their spirits. He was happy to support a program that had direct benefits for the ones he loved.

So, it goes without saying that our March Charity of the Month is Operation Cookie Drop! A great way to support both the Girl Scouts and our troops overseas.

To see photos of cookies being shipped out, visit Girl Scouts of NC Coastal Pines.