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De-Stressor Bingo

A rising tide of frustration was becoming evident in conversations I was having with my nonprofit peers. Tension was emerging in online community threads. The episodes of strain and anxiety were increasing. And as I was recounting recent articles about burnout and nonprofits in crisis, I had an epiphany. We needed a breather. A break. We needed to play. It had to be a game. We needed… de-stressor bingo! 

I set to work creating a bingo board that included a variety of activities to calm nerves, release tension, boost energy, and invite comfort and happiness. It’s a game that’s not only fun but has absolutely no expectations: a true game of de-stressing. 

Simply select a few of the carefully curated activities for instant relief. Come back to the card and try for four across, diagonal or boxed. Or, go for the ultimate “blackout” and do everything on the card!

Share with your friends and stressed-out colleagues so we can reverse these unhealthy trends. Click the button below or get the card here.

Additional Resources

As an addendum to the game, I’ve outlined a few additional resources that I’ve personally used and recommend: 

  • The Epsom salt recommendation is the real deal. I had a friend who ran track in high school and would regularly soak in Epsom salts to relieve strained muscles and reduce aches and pains. Take a soak before bed and you’ll have a great night’s sleep. I’m partial to Dr. Teal’s Soothe and Sleep with Lavender. 
  • I started using the app Breethe a few years ago. Their sleep stories are the best. I enjoy anything with a train: the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Rocky Mountaineer, and the Sunset Limited. But I’m sometimes in the mood for a nice relaxing day at the beach, so the Pearl of the Orient Seas fits the bill. 
  • For music, I like nice background ambiance when I’m working, so I bounce between a few genres particularly Bossa Nova Beach, Spring Coffee Shop Jazz, and Lofi Hip Hop. For total focus, I also like these restaurant and train ambiance videos. As for weekend playlists, I’ve curated a few you might enjoy: Sunny Mornings, Gimme a Boost, and Breezy 70s Day on Spotify.
  • I have to admit that I’m usually writing, exploring, or walking in my spare time but every now and then I pick up a good book. I recently reactivated my GoodReads account after joining the books slack channel at work which is wildly lively. So many good books. So little time. 

I hope you find the Nonprofit Professional’s De-Stressor Bingo Game helpful during times when you need it most. My wish is, truly, for you to relax and enjoy.