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Emails… Not Just a Pretty Face!

In 2008, I began delving into email marketing for nonprofit organizations. Over the years, I’ve developed a robust rotation of communications including newsletters, campaign appeals, CEO letters, and event calendars. While carefully monitoring unsubscribe rates and managing internal resources, I send about two communications per month except during two major campaigns in which one email per week is sent for about six to eight weeks.

Utilizing the Blackbaud Luminate platform (formerly Convio) for email marketing, I construct the code for the messages and create the graphic design and copy in both HTML and plain text delivery. For many, I segment the audience in various ways: sustaining vs. recent donors, highly engaged users, or constituents in specific groups.

I strive to keep the content fresh and interesting. As such, I utilize several layouts depending on the topic. Read more about the success of the campaign efforts in the fundraising section of my portfolio.

Campaign Series

We have two major online campaigns each year during the summer and over the holidays. The time span is about two months for each (June/July and November/December). I rotate messaging to keep the issue front of mind. Each series includes one or two client stories from they “Story Bank.” The holiday series includes a greeting card from the staff.

View closeups of the emails on my Flickr Page.

Summer Campaign Series
June-July Summer Campaign Series – Goal 3.2 Million Meals ($140K online gifts, about $500K offline/sponsorship)
November-December Holiday Campaign Series
November-December Holiday Campaign Series – Goal 2.4 Million Meals ($485,000 online gifts)

Campaigns and Events

Throughout the year, I conduct various smaller campaigns. These include a sustaining effort that centers on new goals for the year, a Valentine’s Day honor campaign, and our digital flagship campaign, the 24-Hour New Media Telethon. Additionally, we have notices for various events such as the Letter Carriers Food Drive and Hunger Relief Day at the NC State Fair.

View closeups of the emails on my Flickr Page.

Campaigns and Events Email Notices
Campaigns and Events Email Notices

Newsletters and Calendars

Additionally, I send a quarterly newsletter, about two calendars of events, and a “thank-you-gram” every year. I also send a monthly Newswire to Social Media Ambassadors. (Read more about this program in Social Media Marketing section of my portfolio.)

View closeups of on my Flickr Page.

Newsletters, Calendars, and a Thank-You-Gram
Newsletters, Calendars, and a Thank-You-Gram

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