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Falls Lake Escape

Falls Lake Escape

Falls Lake Escape
A Gorgeous Day at the Lake

This year, it took a long time for spring to finally, well… spring. We had weeks of drastic temperatures and a few late frosts that killed many beautiful garden plants. But there was one day about a month ago that was just perfect: mild temperatures, comfortable in every way, blue skies, a light breeze, plenty of sunshine, and it was a Saturday to boot!

We snagged the opportunity to visit a popular destination around our area: Falls Lake State Recreation Park. With beaches, camping, boating, and plenty of gorgeous trails to explore, Falls Lake is a perfect day trip that feels like a true escape from the daily grind. We’ve visited several times: big weekend camping trips with friends, canoe trips, fishing, grilling on the beach and wading in the water. One year they offered a fascinating guided tour of migrating bird patterns and showed us the restricted-area habitats built to support the wildlife.

Our one getaway day was dreamy in every way. We grilled burgers, snacked on veggies, wandered into the forest and watched the breeze sway the tips of the high pine trees. We relaxed on the beach and the kids played on the swings. The dog splashed in the water playing fetch with small stick that graduated into a full-sized tree limb!

Two days later we had another 30-degree cold snap. But that one spring day that snuck in between weeks of freezing cold winter before the heat started to bare down will live in our memories forever.

Note: Falls Lake is part of the NC State Parks system. 2014 is the year of the Lepidoptera… butterflies and moths! Through their “Emerge and Fly” theme, they will be offering family events through out the year. Check out more news at