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Food Trucks

Day 6… Food Trucks, yo!

Two words… Food Trucks! Yes, indeedy, day 6 of “Be Thankful” month graced us with yummy food from independent mini-restaurants on wheels. Every Wednesday at the office complex in which I work, they feature food trucks in the back parking lot. The great thing is that we have a variety of options every week – that’s right, no two weeks are the same!

Food Trucks
Food Trucks Infographic by Mozy

I know it must be tough for these guys to manage a business of this kind. Moving from place to place, trying to get bookings at the most lucrative ones; it seems quite unpredictable. I give them huge props for not only managing this kind of business but coming up with creative, enticing and delicious dishes as well? Incredible!

I usually try to put out a few tweets their way to give them a little extra promotion in the area. Lately I’ve been taking photos of the food that I select and post those to twitter as well. Food is one of my favorite topics, after all, so it’s certainly fun for me!

Featured below are local trucks: Porchetta, Pie Pusher, Jam Ice Cream, MacUrRoni, PhatWrapz, and Barone Meatball

Food Truck Food Banner
Food Truck Delicacies

I found this great infographic on food trucks and social media by Mozy. You can check it out here but I was fascinated to learn…

  • The first food truck was invented by a Texas Ranger called Charles Goodnight in 1886 and it was called “The Chuck Wagon!”
  • The cost of a restaurant (building, permit, rent) is $215,000… the cost of a food truck? $64,000!
  • 55% of food trucks report their location using facebook… 100% of them use twitter.
  • Strangest food trucks? Peanut butter tacos and snail lollipops

I love Wednesdays and I love food trucks. So unique, so much fun, and I’m proud to support independent business to boot!