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From the Nest Podcast Launch

Drumroll, please!

I’m thrilled to share that my podcast, long in the making, has finally come to life and is ready for the big stage.

From the Nest with CharityJen: Where Fundraising Takes Flight explores the trials, tribulations and triumphs of nonprofit fundraising. Each episode contains valuable guidance from industry leaders who have given flight to groundbreaking ideas and landed with success. There are so many excellent nuggets of information and inspiration that I know you will leave with a new perspective on life in the nonprofit sector and a few valuable steps to succeed.

It has been an exciting and enlightening journey developing the show. After realizing that the jackhammers from the construction just outside my window were not conducive to optimal audio, I carved out a small corner in the front hall closet which was cozy, but certainly wasn’t winning any prizes for the best visual background. I had a chance to visit the Olas studios in San Diego to record some of the segments in a proper studio with a giant mic and headphones (which probably would win awards for the best visual background). What an experience!

Jen Newmeyer recording From the Nest podcast in the Olas Studios. Jen is at a microphone with headphones at a table.

In the introductory episode, you’ll learn more about the origins of CharityJen, what to expect on the show, and why I have birds in my logo. You’ll also hear to story of our family pet parakeet and how this cheerful little creature influenced my life and this podcast.

I’ll be spotlighting my guests over the next several weeks on the blog and through my email (sign up here!), but you can get a sneak peek of a few early episodes by visiting Olas Media. On this page, you can also find links to subscribe via your preferred podcast platform including Apple, Spotify, Google, I Heart and Amazon Music.

Thank you for joining me in this wonderful, wild world of podcasting! If you have any thoughts on the show or would like to become a sponsor for next season, please let me know.

Behind every great fundraiser is a great story! Join the adventure.