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Frazzled Fundraisers Unite!

It was a foggy, gray morning and I was struggling to come up with the next round of fundraising support that I could offer my CharityJen network. I stared at a blank screen as my mind bounced from thoughts of an emotional election, a grueling pandemic, layoffs, business closings, and educational uncertainty. The landscape was saturated with frustration, anger, and drama. With the added stress of the year-end fundraising season looming on the horizon, I was at a loss.

I switched gears and imagined a different way to support my friends and colleagues in the nonprofit field. Something that focused on self-care and relief, rather than yet another list of tips and advice. With all of us on edge, I thought, there is something that might help: a care package! 

I’m pleased to announce the launch of the “Frazzled Fundraisers Care Package Giveaway!” Every week for the next six weeks, I’ll be offering a carefully crafted box filled with thoughtful, humorous, uplifting gifts and trinkets aimed to bring a little light and joy during this relentless time of year. Each box will include a signed copy of my book “The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics.” And… ONE MILLION DOLLARS! (Symbolically, of course.) Plus a few chocolate truffles for good measure.

CharityJen Frazzled Fundraisers Care PackagesItems featured in the packages

While there will be only one winner a week, everyone wins with access to the CharityJen Digital Gift Basket featuring delightful online goodies and special features!

Spread the word to all of your frazzled fundraising friends. Let’s support each other as we look forward to a brighter New Year.