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Most of my skills in graphics are digital using Photoshop for creation and optimization, although I can throw together a flyer pretty quickly in Publisher and recently created a 35-page Memory Book for our high school reunion.

Below you find a highlight from each category, but you can view my full graphics portfolio on Flickr.

Email Images

For many years before the hiring of a graphic designer, I created all the graphics for the email communications through the Food Bank (and still design most of the features). I use a variety of components including collages, logos, and photos for banners and newsletter ads.

View additional samples on my Flickr Page.

Assortment of Various Email Headers
Assortment of Various Email Headers

Social Media Banners

I like to create unique banners for social media and typically focus on a theme related to features on my personal blog. I pair these with a profile image in a matching color scheme.

View additional samples on my Flickr Page.

It was a "Minty Fresh" start to 2014!
It was a “Minty Fresh” start to 2014!


To create the Reunion Memory Book, I had to encourage my former classmates to submit their information via questionnaire. As you can image, it took a few reminders and I did this through a series of 80s-themed memes… about 40 of them!

View additional samples on my Flickr Page.

A few samples of almost 40 meme reminders
A few samples of almost 40 meme reminders


Although my history of creating logos is not as extensive as some of other graphic areas, I have created a few over the years.

View additional samples on my Flickr Page.

Event and program logos
Event and program logos


Most of the videos I’ve published so far have been in Movie Maker. Admittedly, I haven’t found it to be the most stable but I have done work in Flash and other video apps. For me, putting together the content has been the most fun. Below is one of the more successful videos I’ve published, but my favorite by far is Christmas Kitty Surprise. You can view more on my YouTube channel.


Two of the best and most recent examples of print publications include a calendar for Hunger Action Month and a 35-page Memory Booklet for my High School Reunion. The calendar features a different idea every day of how someone can take action during the month. The reunion book included bios and photos from everyone who submitted information. I utilized screenshots from our yearbook and included fun 80s-themed graphics, not to mention a unique PacMan font for the cover!

80s-Themed Reunion Memory Book – 35 Pages in All!

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