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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day

Today is a day for thanks:  reflecting on the blessings in our life and honoring those friends and family that we hold dear.

I went through a little exercise this morning and scrolled through photos of some of the highlights of our year. What wonderful memories… what amazing accomplishments… Our family is overflowing with bounty!

There are so many others who are struggling, though, and I whisper a little prayer for those hit hard by catastrophy this year. Not only natural disasters, but ecomonic as well: job loss, foreclosures, illness and heartbreak.

Tomorrow when shopping begins in earnest for the Christmas season, let’s remember the warmth and goodwill of this day. Let’s take a moment to show a little kindness, respect, and honor for our fellow man and woman-kind.

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your day be filled with happiness and joy.

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