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Heroic Efforts and Noble Causes

Coming down to the final week of “Be Thankful” month, I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble upon some extraordinary efforts to create change in our communities and support some of the finest causes both locally and abroad.

This month, INDY Week released their Give!Guide to encourage year-end giving and promote annual philanthropic habits particularly in those under the age of 36. But, anyone can join in! There are 28 organizations in the Triangle region categorized in Arts & Culture, Environment & Animals, Health & Wellness, Human Services & Social Action, and Youth & Education. They are also featuring some super neat prizes and incentives including free chocolate and pizza, beer making classes, free dinners, and more. By making gifts on particular days (next up December 3… Giving Tuesday!), you’ll be entered to win tickets to shows, gifts cards to jewelry stores, tours, trips and gift baskets.
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Speaking of #GivingTuesday, I couldn’t be more excited about this special day to encourage charitable giving after the shopping saturated madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is a day to focus on supporting incredible works of organizations worldwide and create a spirit of giving. Donors can peruse an extensive list of organizations: animals, education, environment, health, and much, much more. Giving Tuesday is December 3 and those active on social media should encourage others to take action by using the hashtag #GivingTuesday.
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In the September issues of Magazine, I found an amazing feature of two young activists from the slums of Kolkata, India. Their small neighborhood cannot be found on any map and they aimed to change that. With the motivation to get clean drinking water and access to medical support such as polio vaccines, they created paper megaphones and respectfully marched through one street after another introducing themselves and mapping the colony. Their heroic efforts are featured in a new documentary called “The Revolutionary Optimists” which highlights the efforts of three Indian children who are a part of the non-profit Prayasam. Prayasam is a nonprofit in India that helps to empower children to advocate for their rights and make a difference in their communities.
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More locally, my friend Gregory Ng has launched a heroic campaign to help feed families in our communities this holiday season. In conjunction with the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, he aims to provide enough food for 10 families for one month.  The goal? $700 in total and he’s offering some personal incentives in return: speaking engagements, business introductions, consulting, tweeting and more!  With over half a million people in our region who live at the poverty level or below, this effort will no doubt have a profound impact this holiday!
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I hope that you’ll be inspired by these individuals and groups to think outside the box this year to help support a noble cause. I am grateful for their efforts and I hope you are too!