Like Helping a Neighbor…

I found this website called “Wish Upon a Hero.” It was started by a guy in New York City with fascinating origins:

“Wish Upon A Hero was first conceived by founder Dave Girgenti shortly after the September 11th attacks on New York City. From his home in NJ, Girgenti watched as thousands of people posted pictures of missing loved ones throughout the city. He thought there had to be a faster, more organized way to connect people in need.”

After Hurricane Katrina, the site bacame more than just putting people in touch with each other… it became a way for people to help each other by sending clothing, services, food and water.

Fast forward several years and the site has become a way for everyone to help anyone. People can post a wish, others can fill a wish.

I recently offered to send a woman in GA some clothes for her 7 year old daughter. Normally, I’d just give them to the thrift store. And I know that the thrift stores uses the profits to provide help to needy families by way of food and assistance with utility bills, but there is something fulfilling about giving your stuff to someone. Almost like helping a neighbor. Of course, you know your neighbor is not poor and destitute, but it feels good to help.

No wish too large. No hero too small.