New Year, Minty Fresh Start

New Year, Minty Fresh Start

2014: A Minty Fresh Start
2014: A Minty Fresh Start

January 1, 2014 and the dawn of a new year!  I could nearly burst with anticipation of all the fantastic things that this year will hold.  A few days before the end of 2013, I quickly reflected on all the tremendous things that we were so fortunate to experience.  It was a great exercise in counting blessings: new friends, new pets, family additions, goals realized, and trips to new places.

But now on to 2014!

Last week at church, we had a burning bowl ceremony. Using a small piece of flash paper, we wrote down the things we wanted to let go of… old hurts, frustrations, annoyances. We filled out out little papers, had a quick “letting go” meditation and then filed outside to drop them in a lighted urn. It felt great to watch that paper flash and disappear: like shedding an old skin or diving into a pool of fresh, cool water. Quite an inspiring emotional release.

Unity Church of the Triangle Burning Bowl Cermony
Unity Church of the Triangle Burning Bowl Ceremony

At the same time, I was setting my intentions for this year… being more objective, positive, and patient among other things. During the service, we also talked a little about transformation: that challenges always work in our favor in the end.

With all these wonderful things floating around in my head, it’s easy to be excited about 2014… a minty fresh start!

Happy New Year!

New Year 2014
Hello, 2014!