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Nonprofit Communicators Unite

Today starts a month-long social media challenge for those of us in the nonprofit world: The Nonprofit Communicators Photo-A-Day Challenge… or #NPCommPix.

Thanks to the very smart and talented folks at BC/DC Ideas (Dawn Crawford) and Nonprofit Marketing (Kivi Leroux MIller), we’ve been given a word every day and are asked to post a photo of our world: “how we bring our mission to life through people, technology and tools.”

Nonprofit Communicators Challenge Prompt Words
Nonprofit Communicators Challenge Prompt Words

This is pretty cool because it gets me thinking beyond my daily checklist, my inbox and my hourly schedule. In looking at some of the upcoming words, I take pause… words like gratitude, treasure, and freedom. How will I feel about those words during the upcoming days? I can’t wait to see what my fellow nonprofit communicators will be posting!

My husband is a Chef and the other day I went with him to the restaurant supply store. It was pretty darn cool wandering around looking at all of the incredible industrial kitchen equipment. As I looked over the words of this challenge, I wondered what types of things he might post.

To be honest, it would be pretty cool to offer this challenge to a variety of specialized jobs: teachers, forest rangers, pilots, firefighters, or actors.

But for now, the nonprofit communicators world unites. I invite you to follow #NCCommPix on Instagram or Twitter throughout the month of October. And, if you’re a part of the scene, join in!

Today’s first word? YOU. And here’s my post: