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Ode to the Trees

I have always loved trees. Not just an “oh, aren’t they pretty” kind of reaction but a deep reverence for their stoic beauty and dignified peace. They provide a haven for wildlife, they record the history of the world in their bark, they stand for hundreds of years in majestic grace. I have only to look up at the branches of a tree to feel a deep peace that soothes every fiber of my being. In the summer, the fluttering leaves of our giant tulip popular in our backyard seem to wave at me from above. In the fall, the sunlight drenches the amber leaves in an exquisite glow that competes with the sunset. When winter comes, the elegance of the bare branches against the cold violet sky is an inspiration to me. When I hear the wind ruffle leaves, I can’t help but smile.

This week on the interwebs, I came across two incredible articles that featured my lovelies. The photos were so breathtaking that they deserve a hearty “bravo” and I just had to feature them in a post.

First, an artist and photographer named Beth Moon traveled the world to capture pictures of ancient trees. The results are more than breathtaking, they practically brought tears to my eyes. I now have a new item for my bucket list: to see at least one of these beauties in my lifetime.

Beth Moon: Ancient Trees
Beth Moon’s Ancient Trees

The second was a compilation of the best treehouses on earth. Oh, be still my beating heart! Someone get me the blueprints pronto!

These two articles graced my twitter feed this past week as a few of my new neighbors have decided to do a massive clearing of their properties. For three mornings in a row, I’ve been greeted by the sounds of chainsaws and wood chippers, passing giant flatbeds stacked with the massive trunks of pine trees. I don’t blame my neighbors for their decision. It is true that ice storms will often fell the majestic pines whose branches seem to stretch to the heavens. And it is true that the raking and leaf-blowing can get quite tiresome in the fall. All the same, my heart breaks for the glorious trees.

I think the articles were perfectly timed, to be quite honest. What a comfort to see the magnificent ancients and imagine the fun of a clever treehouse! This weekend calls for a leisurely stroll through the forest…


Day 11 #NPCommPix: Refreshing Sunday walk thru our #community woods. Great way to clear the mind!

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