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Pi Day of the Century

Perhaps you’ve heard of it: Pi Day. The day when math enthusiasts across the country celebrate March 14, or the first 3 digits of Pi.

This year marks a significant celebration: The first five digits will be represented on 3.14.15 as well as the next five at exactly 9:26:53 am. So, in what will be a once-in-a-lifetime event for most of us, the first 10 digits of Pi will correspond to the date and time this Saturday.

I caught wind of this news a few weeks ago, so I’ve already purchased a commemorative t-shirt. After all, what’s a special event without a souvenir, right?

Ultimate Pi Day

I imagine that we’ll hear the news of babies born at the exact second of Pi Day 2015. And bakeries across the nation are celebrating with special pies of Pi. My daughter is trying to memorize the first 100 digits of Pi for a contest they’re holding at school. Think we’ll have a Google Doodle for Pi Day?

Regardless, check out some of the fabulously geeky Pi events I unearthed in our region and beyond:

Perhaps you’d like to send an ecard or post something truly geeky about Pi day on social networks? Got it covered.

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Remember: Pi Day is not for Squares.

Pi Day Joke