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Ready for the World

It was the summer of 2018 and I had just returned from a conference. My mind was jumpy, unsettled, and bouncing around like a pinball in an arcade game. Conversations echoed in my mind around frustrations with organizational silos, annoyance with stagnant fundraising practices, confusion around digital efforts, and resistance to new strategies. That summer, I decided to write a book.

Last year, I posted about this decision and my strategies for making it an engaging, informative and relatable text. And it was a long road. Writing on the weekends, writing retreats, writing vacations, early morning and late night re-writes, hours spent at coffee shops, and an avalanche of sticky notes.

But, alas. The time has come. “The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics” is finally ready for the world to see! In essence, my life’s work. (So far.)

In this book, you’ll find strategies, tactics, and a plethora of ideas to launch and enhance charitable online engagement and integrated campaign efforts. But in addition, you’ll be able to relate to chapter after chapter of behind-the-scenes stories in the life of a non-profit fundraiser.

The excitement of reaching a fundraising goal and the embarrassment of communications gone wrong. The frustration of working with overbearing co-workers and the thrill of groundbreaking digital fundraisers. The anxiety of launching new digital efforts and the unparalleled, heartwarming feeling of making a difference in the lives of others.

My hope is that this book will serve as not only a resource, but an inspiration for other nonprofit professionals in this often challenging but deeply rewarding sector.

And beyond that, I look forward to more conversations about how to reach younger audiences, as outlined in my recent post, The Digital Imperative. How to create compelling, engaging campaigns, such as our recent Bob Ross inspired effort. My new meetup group, Charity Chats, will certainly inspire these discussions and fuel more collaboration in the sector. Plus, my free Beginner’s Guide to Online Fundraising, one-on-one strategy sessions, and bi-monthly emails will serve as additional resources for those seeking new strategies and ideas.

Digital moves fast and nonprofits need to keep pace while peering into the future. Creating a strong online engagement and fundraising foundation now is essential.