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Social Media Explained by Cats... Photo Credit AvaLaunch Media

Social Media With…

I’ve been invited to present at the Association of Nonprofit Professionals October meeting next Thursday about Social Media Best Practices for nonprofits and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this subject!  As a digital media manager for a local nonprofit, this is my passion and I just can’t wait.

In gathering content for my presentation, I came across a fantastic infographic and was delighted to find more spin-offs of the same.  I’m not sure which came first, but if you are in a position to try to explain the audiences and purpose of social media platforms to someone (including your executive team), this will no doubt help!

First, Social Media explained with Donuts!

Social Media Explained with Donuts
Social Media Explained with Donuts…
Photo credit Giraffe Communications

How about beer?

Social Media Explained with Beer
Social Media Explained with Beer…
Photo Credit Thinking Giant

Or maybe a competition between dogs and cats?  AvaLaunch Media has not only produced these awesome infographics, they’ve made it a voting competition to benefit two amazing animal nonprofits!

Social Media Explained by Cats
Social Media Explained by Cats… Photo Credit AvaLaunch Media
Social Media Explained by Dogs
Social Media Explained by Dogs… Photo Credit AvaLaunch Media

If you’re in the Triangle Region next week, consider coming to the meeting to see my full presentation!  Tickets are $25 (member) and $35 (nonmembers.)  You can register at the AFP Event Website.

AFP October Meeting with Charity Jen
AFP October Meeting with Charity Jen

Hope to see you there!