Speaking & Workshops

Let Jen Come to You!

If your group or conference needs expertise in online initiatives to engage audiences and raise more revenue for nonprofits, you’ve come to the right place! Let Jen Newmeyer of CharityJen join your next event.

Jen has been leading workshops and conducting presentations for over 10 years. Her experience includes national conferences with PBS, statewide events with the Parks and Recreation division, regional workshops with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, along with many others.

Jen covers a variety of topics and offers a number of session lengths. Attendees enjoy the clarity of her presentations and the numerous tips and tricks that can be implemented immediately for organizations of any size. All of her presentations are carefully constructed to meet the needs of the audience and she works closely with event organizers on topic selection and takeaways.

The following options are available:

  • Presentations and Lunch-n-Learns: 45 mins to one hour
  • Conference Session: One to two hours
  • In-Depth Workshop: Four to six hours

Based on the objectives of the group, workshops and sessions will be created utilizing the modules below. All topics are derived from Jen’s new book “The Insider’s Guide to Online Fundraising: Finding Success When Surrounded by Skeptics.”

Please contact Jen at jen@charityjen.com to chat about pricing and options today!

Understanding the Basics

Topics include:
Defining Digital and It’s Importance in Fundraising
The Anatomy of Digital & Integrated Campaigns
The Basics of Digital Fundraising Strategies

Teams and Planning

Topics include:
 Teambuilding and Navigating Silos
Creating Project Plans and Marketing Toolkits
Advocating for Resources

Audience and Communities

Topics include:
Utilizing the Growth Funnel
Segmentation and Personalization
Creating a Powerful Ambassador’s Program

Campaigns and Tactics

Topics include:
Engagement and Revenue Campaigns
Creating Effective Integrated Campaigns
Acquisition and Retention Strategies