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Spring Has Sprung

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The day before Easter, I took the dog for a walk. It was a mild day and the balmy temperatures were such a relief after the wild ride of surprise frosts followed by unseasonably warm weather. The sun was shining. The birds were singing. And, the dogwoods were in full bloom.

In my neighborhood, our streets are lined with dogwoods. When spring comes, the sunlight kisses the tips of the delicate leaves and the whole word seems quite magical. As spring fades, a breath of wind will toss the withering leaves and it seems like a thousand butterflies are floating through the air.

Sometimes, in a spring that takes it’s time to emerge, we can have the dogwood blooms for weeks. This year, however, spring came and went in the blink of an eye. I had hardly noticed the beautiful blooms until my walk the day before Easter. When I came upon a perfect pink one in front of my neighbors house, I was entranced. A week later, the blooms were gone.

Pink Dogwood Blooms
Fleeting Spring Dogwood Blooms

The benefit of having a quick spring is that the pollen is not so much of a nuisance. We had several days of rain that washed it all away rather quickly. But, it is so sad to have our beautiful dogwoods go from bare branches to full leaves seemingly overnight. Our tulips hardly had a chance to bloom – we had only one, actually. The spirea bush attempted a few flowers but then gave up.

The temperatures are rising now and we are on the brink of summer. But, I’d still like to savor the beauty of spring, if just for another week or two. It just went by way too fast.

And so, I post these gorgeous dogwood blooms, long gone now, and dream of springs gone by when the flowers would grace our streets for weeks on end. Perhaps next spring will be more in our favor and we can enjoy their full beauty for a bit longer.

 (And next year, maybe we’ll check out the Fayetteville Dogwood Festival to really boost our appreciation of our lovely trees!)