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A Case for Squished Balls

In past posts like this one, I’ve mentioned the challenges we have had with our new puppy, Piper. She is a force of nature, powered by lithium batteries, obsessed with chickens, and a master thief of treats and shoes. She is smart, silly, and adorable to boot.

It’s vital that we ensure Piper has enough exercise. Once a week we take her to a doggie daycare where she can run free with the dogs. She is also in an advanced puppy training classes (although her performance might be questionable at times). On off days, we take her for walks.

One of her favorite things to do is visit the middle-school baseball field that’s used for more than just baseball. The obsession of this location is the abandoned squished balls: kick balls, dodge balls, soccer balls, and the like.

She loves these things. She shakes them from side to side, flings them up in the air, and bolts around the field as if she’s just pulled off the biggest heist of the century.


Puppy’s two favorite things: a squished ball & a puddle. Happy #2016! #PiperPup

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I usually collect the balls and hide them discreetly behind a wall so that they don’t get cleaned up with the other garbage. These squished balls have become the main attraction of our visit. It would be so disappointing to have them removed.

As such, it occurs to me that there might really be a market for squished balls. Not necessarily to sell them but certainly not to trash them either. At the dog park, the city keeps the place stocked with a plethora of tennis balls. Why not have squished balls thrown in there too? Couldn’t they be donated to the animal shelters? Placed in a bin at the pet stores? “Free squished ball with every dog treat purchase!”

So in the great scheme of all causes and things for which to advocate, let this post serve as my support for squished balls. Should such a campaign exist, I would be happy to join it!

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