Strategic Planning

Easy? No.  Payoff? Huge.

In 2011, the organization identified online revenue as having a significant potential for growth. I was tasked with creating a 3-year strategic plan for the digital department that included revenue projections and expanding the department if needed. Basically, how much it could grow and what it would take to get there.

I evaluated historical patterns with various segments of online revenue, social media metrics, email performance, and website traffic. I reached out to similar organizations to understand their development team structure and initiatives. I looked at national trends in the human service sector as well as general nonprofit performance.

After several months, I presented a plan to our executive management team, development committee, and board of directors that involved growing revenue by 51% and adding two new staff members over the 3 years. The areas of focus included sustaining donors, email communications (with segmentation), expanding search engine traffic, and enhancing our social media presence. The plan also included additional initiatives such as a new blog and digital advertising. The board overwhelmingly approved the plan with an additional person added immediately and an third slated for year three.

Snapshots of Strategic Plan Presentation
Snapshots of Strategic Plan Presentation

As of this writing, we are on track to meet all of our year 3 goals!

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