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Sweetness in the Mailbox

This holiday I seemed to be behind on everything. We started off strong with the outdoor lights up before Thanksgiving but things began to pile up. We ended up scrambling to send greeting cards two days before Christmas and covertly wrapping last minute gifts in the back room as guests walked through the front door.

So it was a bit of a miracle that I remembered to get a gift card for our letter carrier. I wrote a quick note of thanks, placed the card in the mailbox, and dashed off to work.

With all the hustle and bustle of family and parties and making sure we had enough crackers for the cheese platter, I practically forgot the little gift card I placed in the mailbox.

Until the day we received the sweetest, most genuine display of the holiday spirit I’ve seen this year. Our carrier wrote this thank you note:

Thank you note from our letter carrier

What made this note particularly special?

  1. She included the “pets” which is surprising yet so thoughtful considering that the dogs go bonkers when the mail truck comes and sound like a pack of vicious wild animals.
  2. Look how carefully the letters are written… slowly and with great care.
  3. Taking the gratitude a step further, she attached two candy canes to the outside of the envelope.

Thank you notes are a rarity these days and I am just as guilty as anyone of forgetting them sometimes. For all of these reasons, this unexpected note helped make our holiday season exceptionally memorable.

Note: If you’ve thought about giving your letter carrier a gift, remember that there are ethical guidelines to follow. Acceptable gifts include modest refreshments, candy, flowers, and gift cards under $20. Your carrier cannot accept cash, checks, liquor, or anything that can be converted to cash. See these additional details