Taking the Leap

I can still see the shimmering blue water at least 10 feet beneath my toes which were gripping the edge of the high dive platform. I was about to try…

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Allure of the Forest

I was trying to focus on writing but the dog was driving me crazy. She needed exercise stat. I dropped everything and headed to the dog park figuring that a…

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Ode to the Trees

I have always loved trees. Not just an "oh, aren't they pretty" kind of reaction but a deep reverance for their stoic beauty and dignified peace. They provide a haven…

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Riviera Maya Adventure
Summer Adventure

Riviera Maya Adventure

About an hour south of Cancun, nestled on the coast of the Yucutan Peninsula, there is a wild and beautiful region called the Riviera Maya. You won't find resorts crammed together…

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The Good Life

Perusing an antique store recently, we unearthed a old LIFE Magazine from December 28 of 1959. What attracted us was the collage of smiling faces and photos of people engaged…

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Falls Lake Escape
Falls Lake Escape

Falls Lake Escape

This year, it took a long time for spring to finally, well... spring. We had weeks of drastic temperatures and a few late frosts that killed many beautiful garden plants. But…

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Oh, City by the Bay!

Winding down my "What's your passion?" feature this month, I thought I'd post about a fabulous vacation we took recently to the magical city of San Francisco... City by the…

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