The Struggle Is Real

Imagine… A young fundraising director has been hired to raise money for a newly created division of a university. He is filled with ideas for events and community collaboration, including…

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Help, I’m Drowning!

When I am asked to present at conferences, it's most often related to social media, our ambassador program, or other digital efforts. And while I love sharing knowledge and experience…

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Building Advocates

Five years ago when I would mention our Social Media Ambassadors Program, I would most likely get a puzzled kind of look. People didn't quite understand the objective. I'd explain…

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Dream Destinations

It's February!  The start of this month marks my focus on discovering personal passion, hopes, dreams, yearnings and aspirations. As I mentioned in my last post, our family has been…

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Minty Fresh Goals
Minty Fresh New Year Goals Facebook Banner

Minty Fresh Goals

You may have seen some buzz on the internet lately about setting goals instead of resolutions for the New Year. The argument being that goals tend to be measurable, attainable and set…

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