Lessons in Quarantine

To say that this strange period of quarantine has been an adjustment is an understatement. It's more like dealing with a giant, nationwide sucker punch. In the blink of an…

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Give Yourself a Gold Star
You Deserve a Gold Star!

Give Yourself a Gold Star

I tend to be a joy-seeker. I like to read inspiring stories. I write about fun stuff. I enjoy inspiring quotes. Over the holidays I received two of the most…

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A Collection of Happy

Rough patches. You know: a landslide of discouraging events that just bring you down and it all seems to happen at once. Illness, injury, frustration, stress, exhaustion... I doubt that few people…

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What’s To Come

Typically with the dawn of a new year, I start thinking about resolutions and goals. This year, however, I'm just too daggone busy to construct lofty goals and think of…

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A Drive Through Food Drive
Heart of Carolina Logo

A Drive Through Food Drive

Tomorrow is a neat day for the Food Bank: a drive-through/drop-off food drive called Heart of Carolina. In partnership with ABC11, we collect food and fund donations at various Kroger…

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Ebola Relief
Facebook Ebola Campaign

Ebola Relief

When I heard of the 12 nurses who died caring for an infant who had Ebola, five children who are in unmarked graves because they died so quickly that no…

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