What’s To Come

Typically with the dawn of a new year, I start thinking about resolutions and goals. This year, however, I'm just too daggone busy to construct lofty goals and think of…

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New Year, Minty Fresh Start

January 1, 2014 and the dawn of a new year!  I could nearly burst with anticipation of all the fantastic things that this year will hold.  A few days before…

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Minty Fresh Goals
Minty Fresh New Year Goals Facebook Banner

Minty Fresh Goals

You may have seen some buzz on the internet lately about setting goals instead of resolutions for the New Year. The argument being that goals tend to be measurable, attainable and set…

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Angels in our Midst
Vitamin Angels

Angels in our Midst

When my daughter was born, I strived to do everything right. It was my mission to be the best mother possible to this precious, new little life. From regular feedings…

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