Best Tuesday Ever

The fact that it's Giving Tuesday is reason enough to celebrate. But this year, Giving Tuesday falls on my birthday: December 1. It's the best Tuesday ever! Following Black Friday…

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Year End Charitable Support

A few weeks ago, our family sat down with a big stack of letters and talked through our choices for end-of-year charitable support.  We all wanted to have a voice…

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Gifts With An Impact
Jim Shore Christmas Santa

Gifts With An Impact

I love receiving a gift that has an extended reach and makes an impact in our communities. I've noticed this year in particular that more people have been posting gift…

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Spare Change with a Huge Impact

Spare Change with a Huge Impact

I've noticed that even though we decided on supporting only 12 charities this year, we've been donating to quite a few more with barely a second thought. For instance, at…

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