Taking the Leap

I can still see the shimmering blue water at least 10 feet beneath my toes which were gripping the edge of the high dive platform. I was about to try…

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Give Yourself a Gold Star
You Deserve a Gold Star!

Give Yourself a Gold Star

I tend to be a joy-seeker. I like to read inspiring stories. I write about fun stuff. I enjoy inspiring quotes. Over the holidays I received two of the most…

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Raising Piper
"I can has shoes?"

Raising Piper

We didn't plan on getting another dog and certainly not a puppy. But sometimes fate steps in the way and you've got no choice but to follow. It started with…

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A Collection of Happy

Rough patches. You know: a landslide of discouraging events that just bring you down and it all seems to happen at once. Illness, injury, frustration, stress, exhaustion... I doubt that few people…

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Being Thankful 2014
Thankful 2014

Being Thankful 2014

I just love themed months and one of my favorites is November's "Be Thankful" month. Last year, I made an effort to blog about being thankful throughout November. It was an…

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The Great Chicken Debate

The moment my daughter spotted the crate full of fuzzy little chicks peeping happily at the local hardware store, she was smitten. Every year near Easter, the peeps appeared. And…

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New Year, Minty Fresh Start

January 1, 2014 and the dawn of a new year!  I could nearly burst with anticipation of all the fantastic things that this year will hold.  A few days before…

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