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Tweetup Revival

It’s hard to imagine that the phrase “old-school” would apply to something that was popular just a few years ago. I imagine old-school as plaid bell-bottoms, ditto machines, the Brady Bunch, and pet rocks. But these days, technology moves so fast that events like Tweetups and Twestivals that were all the rage 5 years ago are now nearly extinct.

I remember the anxiety of attending my first few tweetups back in the day. I struggled with my persona at these giant venues where everyone seemed to know everyone else and most had a pretty clear agenda. I wasn’t there to represent my nonprofit organization. I wasn’t a consultant or a business owner. I wasn’t a trainer or a teacher. I didn’t really have anything to offer, in fact. I just wanted to check it out… And the swag was pretty enticing, too.

As the tweetups went by, I discovered that I didn’t need to have a “thing” to offer. It was cool just to meet people and get to know them. As it turns out, it was through these events that I developed a volunteer program for social media influencers. But even better, I made some really great friends along the way.

Tweetups Circa 2008-2010
Tweetups Circa 2008-2010

Fast forward to 2015. Out of the blue, the topic of an old-school tweetup started to emerge. I was thrilled! But this one had no swag, no theme, no angle… you didn’t even really need to officially register. Just a bunch of tweeps meeting at a bar to reconnect.

I saw old faces and new. We talked about work successes, travels, health problems, and children. We pondered food safety procedures, demoed fancy computer technology, and compared notes on local associations. We emphatically agreed on the need for no-fuss hairstyles and celebrated the arrival of Girl Scout cookie season. We tried to tweet, but the conversation was too good. It weaved through the group like a electrified thread of pure connection.

Triangle Tweetup January 2015

Word on the street is that these informal tweetups might continue. I would encourage my friends in the RDU area to follow the TriangleTweetup for future announcements. And I hope to see you at the next event!

**UPDATED 2021:Unfortunately my friends, the Triangle Tweetup group is officially dead. It was fun while it lasted. RIP TT.

Join us next time!

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