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Year End Charitable Support


A few weeks ago, our family sat down with a big stack of letters and talked through our choices for end-of-year charitable support.  We all wanted to have a voice in the decision and starting with our total amount of support, we divided up the votes.

It was a fun exercise to chat through why we each selected the organizations that resonated the  best with each of us.  Interestingly enough, my daughter was initially certain she wanted to give to the World Wildlife Fund because of the cool blanket they offered.  But, after a bit of discussion, she selected two children’s organizations both of which had some really inspiring stories.  In fact, she was agonizing about them both until we told her we’d just split her portion.

So, what did we decide?

  1. Unity Church of the Triangle… our spiritual home.  Our awesome congregation will be searching for a new physical location in a few short weeks, so we know that help is needed to make that happen.  Besides, the positive energy and truly inspiring people we have met through the years are more than worth it! Learn more at
  2. Prevent Child Abuse was selected by my husband. Through a good friend of his, we know this wonderful organization establishes supportive and nurturing relationships to help prevent child abuse and neglect.  There are nurse-family partnerships, strengthening families school programs, parenting and anti-bullying programs that really make a difference.  Learn more at
  3. I selected the Lucy Daniels Center: they provide mental health services to children including those showing behavioral or social difficulties. They have programs in schools, clinics and children’s homes. As of this year, they are expanding their pre-kindergarten and kindergarten school to include 1st and 2nd grades! Learn more at
  4. One of the two my daughter chose was Vitamin Angels. They provide essential nutrients to at-risk populations, specifically, pregnant women, new mothers and children under five. My daughter was particularly inspired by their literature that said it only costs $0.000685 per day to provide a child live-saving vitamin A! Learn more at
  5. My daughters second choice was the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. The provide adoption and foster services, as well as family support and counseling. She was inspired by a girl by her same name that found a permanent home with a lovely new family. Learn more at

Of course, we are always supporting our local food bank, The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, providing the most essential needs to children and families in our communities.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference! Please consider a year end donation to your favorite charity!