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Your 2023 Fundraising Predictions

The start of another year bubbles with excitement and suspense: the planning, the ideation, the analysis, and most anticipated of all, the fundraising projections.

With a fiscal year ending on June 30, I recall the trepidation of working through mid-year budgets to reassess upcoming campaigns and forecast performance for the remainder of the year. Drowning in a sea of reports, I tried to be as accurate as possible. Some years were spot on. Others were… well, not. Perhaps you’re having similar difficulty juggling all those numbers to develop your plan.

Enter my 2023 Fundraising Fortunes! I’ve come up with a few predictions that may offer a bit of guidance. (Or at least a few laughs to carry you through the process.)

My new fortunes are based on astrological signs. You can get a sense of your future, as well as the futures of your whole team!

Will you be embarking on new innovations or sticking with your tried and true methods? Will it be a bumpy ride this year or smooth sailing with great success on the horizon?

Find out by unlocking the CharityJen 2023 Fundraising Fortunes to reveal your future.

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